5 tricks

Keep the order in the kitchen without effort
5 tricks

Today we will talk about a topic that is especially dear to those who live in the city since - often, though not always - the available spaces are smaller.

In other words, we will discuss what ploys can we use to maintain order in our kitchen, possibly in a simple and organized way. In many homes, and - precisely - in particular in small apartments, the kitchen is the domestic environment where you spend most of your time. Not only is it the place dedicated to preparing meals, but it is also often a convivial area in which to share family moments or welcome guests. The very order in the kitchen becomes a need for liveability.

Below we will tell you about five tricks that will help keep the kitchen tidy and have everything at hand, why not, even in style:

Take advantage of the spaces in height

If the environment does not allow for many storage units, the solution to increase available space is to make the most of the area in height. Attaching under-shelf hooks or small drawers (even inside closed furniture) allows you to hang cups, cups and saucepans. Get some backsplashes to put on the various shelves to increase the support space an possibly add a touch of colour to the room.

On the wave of exploiting the space in height to keep order in your kitchen, another good idea: take advantage of the sidewalls of the hood and the hanging furniture. Here too you can attach hooks, or add side units. In this way, the flat surfaces will stay free to be used when you cook.

Choose objects that stack easily

It should not look like a limitation in your choice of crockery, pots and utensils, but as a suggestion to select practical and functional ones to have order in the kitchen. So focus on stackable and straightforward shapes and get excited about colours and decorations instead.

Hang the TV on the wall

Nowadays, all electronic devices are designed to be beautiful and take up as little space as possible. Televisions, stereos, Bluetooth speakers, etc. aesthetically appealing, with modern lines and different colours, they are true furnishing accessories that give value to any room where we install them, even to the kitchen. By hanging them, we will enhance not only the object itself but also the wall. Above all, we will free shelves and flat surfaces, leaving the environment airier and your kitchen more orderly.

For small spaces, choose the suitable furniture

We expect efficient though not impacting furniture. For example, insert some retractable items: a valid help at the right time, which "disappears" once it has done its duty. The table that slides under the top of the kitchen block, you see here, is just one of the many tricks to get the kitchen in order. Practical and spacious, but no less elegant, this table will allow you to have a work surface while you cook and then let the kitchen free once finished.

And if you have a corner that is difficult to exploit without a finished piece of furniture overly weighing down the environment, you can opt for a game of shelves. Useful and functional, of all sizes and shapes, they can become a decorative element that may help keep the kitchen in order while leaving things free on hand. Plates or glasses, bottles or cans can be placed individually, or you can choose to opt for solid baskets or boxes and thus have a practical pantry.

Use dresser bars and dish drainer shelves

As a last trick of ours to leave floors free and keep order in the kitchen, we recommend the use of two ultimate accessories. The first one is the ladle attachment bar, essential for having all the most exploited tools at hand while cooking (spoons, shovels, scissors and pliers). The other is the plate rack, in wood or steel depending on your taste: it will allow you to let the dishes dry while keeping the sink clear.