Add a centrepiece

Plants and essences. They give perfumes and elegance to Christmas
Add a centrepiece

There is no such a well-cared out layout as a well-designed space, nor any table so richly set that it does not gain a lot from the presence of plants and flowers. It is our nature, and in nature we feel at our ease.

At Christmas you can see that immediately: the fir tree - even if fake - creates the festive atmosphere by itself, and despite some more or less successful attempts by various designers to create more modern versions, no one has yet managed to replace the deep feeling of peace that the fact of having a tree at home can give us.

Wanting to expand the decoration of our homes to something more than just the tree, by using plants you can create magnificent settings.

In this arrangement of our Brescia flagship store, Davide Floris, a well-known florist from the city, has skillfully combined traditional plants and exotic plants to achieve a magnificent classic effect ... with a touch of originality.

At the centre of the small table, we find a composition of noble pine branches (which is ideal both for the duration and for the perfume that emanates) berries, eucalyptus and magnolia leaves. Magnificent 'red Naomi' roses give a touch of intense red and elegance while exotic flowers, the Nutan, blend perfectly with the composition making it more special.

The unavoidable butcher's broom at the sides comes in companion with the candles in the centre, that will be lit only on Christmas evening and will complete the composition also from the olfactory point of view, since few things are evocative as the smell of wax, although few people will notice it consciously.

On the dining table, a big Christmas star makes the meal more cheerful, while the napkins are gently fixed by cinnamon sticks, a further element whose scent will help to create the perfect atmosphere (at the end of the meal, moreover, rods can be used to turn the sugar in coffee, giving it a unique aroma).

To make the installation more coherent, just a simple trick is enough: let small compositions or only branches of the same plants you used for the larger arrangements, gracefully rest on the consoles, shelves, furniture pieces and even the radiators. They recall the main compositions, will complete the environment and spread the same fragrances inside all corner of your house.