Around a table

Conviviality and style
Around a table

Few, if any, things involve the concept of conviviality better than the table.

This element is a constant in the furnishing of every age, it is present in every home, from large representative villas to the simplest of pied-a-terre, the table is an object that perfectly summarizes form and function.

Large or small, rectangular or square, a peninsula or with a central leg, the models are infinite.

Depending on one's style and the space available, more or less formal solutions are chosen.

For small kitchens or open kitchens, the main solution is undoubtedly the high kitchen tables, the so-called bar tables. Quick lunches are solved, alone or at most in two / three people, they are often furnished with American placemats and can be obtained from one side of the central island of the kitchen, or as a continuation of a work surface.

Those who have small spaces in the kitchen and do not want to give up on the very comfortable island, can always opt for a peninsula table. You lose a head of the table but you gain in practicality and space, besides the fact of not creating a division between those who cook and those who eat.

The chef and the guests - in a solution of this type - will not only be able to converse but also to discuss the methods of preparation ... Therefore excellent for all lovers of cooking and its trends! (as long as you have a nice hood like this suspended model or those integrated into the induction hob).

Those who prefer an always comfortable but more traditional situation can opt for the classic solution with coordinated table and sideboard. Provided you have a sufficiently large kitchen or a dining room it is definitely one of the solutions that creates more comfort during lunch or dinner ... there is space for everyone and everything (such as a possible food trolley to keep the countertop free table).

The choice of a model of an extendable kitchen table model in this case will be perfect for those who love large companies and the tables (in fact) to celebrate holidays and anniversaries.

Who in the kitchen makes a place of conviviality rather than preparation can think of making the kitchen table the protagonist of the space. Chairs coordinated with the environment and a decidedly elegant style will serve this purpose very well.

Even more formal situations require large tables and coordinated furniture, strictly padded chairs with high backrests. In any case, what is certainly important for a table (and for the chairs that accompany it) and stability.

Balanced design, solid and durable materials, high-level craftsmanship that guarantees perfect joints and sliding mechanisms are therefore a must when choosing your kitchen or dining table, and allow you to fully enjoy every moment of conviviality.