Beauty secret

Small tricks to keep your bathroom elegant
Beauty secret

Perfumes, creams, lotions, soaps, makeup, limes, nail polish. Towels, cotton, cotton swabs, tissue ... and even shampoo, conditioner, curlers, hair dryer, brushes, hair clips ... How many things are there in our bathrooms!

To be able to keep everything in order and to make sure that the bath time - be it long or short - is really relaxing, you need to have adequate and organised spaces. Otherwise, keeping in order can only be a repetitive and vain effort, a Penelope canvas that starts undoing as soon as it is ending.

The bathroom furniture of Arcari Arredamenti does not aim to be just beautiful to see: it also wants to be functional to live. With appropriate advice, here, you can anticipate and solve any possible need with ad-hoc solutions. Skipping this step means risking you find the shelves covered by drawers, brush holders, bottles and all the thousand other things that - however useful - cannot be defined as elegant.

Furthermore, do not forget the make-up area, which is indeed one of the strong points of the Arcari solutions: furniture designed specifically and coordinated stools. Because it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and you need - on the contrary - to dedicate quality time: the moments you take care of yourself calmly, having everything at hand and getting pleasure in doing it.

Stands, shelves, furniture, drawers: the solution always exists.

Everything is crowned by the right lighting, always pleasant and indispensable in the bathroom.

Integrated spotlights and lights in the drawers make it even easier to find everything, while the lights of the mirrors, adequately diffused, illuminate without dazzling welcoming us with delicacy since the early morning.

To keep all things in order, you need to have adequate and organised spaces with careful planning and ad-hoc solutions.