Capri British old England

The warmth of a refined and old style taste
Capri British old England

The classic Capri British kitchen by its very name evokes an old-style, rich, elegant environment, made with handcrafted details and fine finishes. The furniture that compose it is made of solid wood finished in a very delicate dérapé hawthorn combined with old England red. This environment expresses the warmth of a space designed for conviviality, built on the solid foundations of artisan manufacturing experience.

This kitchen meets all different needs with dedicated and always different elements: a large pantry with a wall unit on the left to hold dishes and food, an independent kitchen block full of compartments for pots and tools, a long and roomy L-shaped composition on the right endowed with spaces for dishwashers, drawers and shelves. The showcase visually completes the composition by aligning with the first piece of furniture on the left.

At the centre of the composition is a rich hood with a tool-hanging bar and a cooking block finished with brushed inferno red marble tops, enlivened by plays of heights that make them perfect for hosting cans, vases, accessories in its corners that are less usable for the daily activity. That same marble is also used for the single-bowl but very large sink, positioned under the large window to make the most of natural light.

All this, together with the choice of finishing the tiled wall-paneling with studs, recreates an everyday with an antique flavor, also thanks to the classical references in the choice of shades, carvings and door frames.

Handcraft details make the difference and give the home the luxury of a warm and refined heart, but let us not be fooled: the classic aspect does not forget the needs of contemporary functionality, thanks also to the careful study of the spaces and to the choice of last generation appliances.

The kitchen is completed by the solid table and upholstered chairs positioned in the centre. Their turned and carved legs offer this kitchen the always timely charm of other times. The colour choice of old England red visually moves the composition, coordinating with the warm hues of marble and shades.