The care of things

The subtle pleasure to maintain beauty over time
The care of things

If it can be said, in general, that nobody particularly loves daily cleaning, it is however true that many derive great satisfaction from taking care of what they are fond of, from taking care of it, maintaining it, and making it last in time.

The pleasure is especially if the effort required is intense, without exaggeration, but not unnecessarily difficult or frustrating. For example, waxing can be a relaxing activity while cleaning hidden corners will hardly reward you particularly.

The kitchen, by its nature, lends itself to being a place to which a lot of care is dedicated: for hygiene reasons, because it is the heart of the house, because it is an intimate but often 'public' place and you want to show it in its full splendor.

It is therefore essential that the kitchen is designed to make maintenance operations pleasant, and that it does not lend itself to bad wear such as scratches, warp, stains.

The care of things

The Arcari Arredamenti kitchens are painted with special paints that besides being beautiful and ecological are very resistant to scratching and therefore able to protect and enhance the wood - solid wood, obviously - from the signs of time and use.

Their shapes are always sinuous, not only to accompany your look into a welcoming environment, but also to avoid the deposit of crumbs and dirt in the interstices and facilitate cleaning with a single, pleasant gesture.

The selection of handles and accessory elements follows the same criteria of aesthetics and functionality while the metal parts, of the highest quality, will never release rust.

The steel parts, synonymous with durability and hygiene, require little effort for cleaning and with some attention can remain perfect for decades.

So, with neutral products and a little attention your kitchen can really pass from generation to generation bringing with it the memory of past times.