The classic bookcase

From books to memories space for culture and life
The classic bookcase

“The library of your early childhood accompanies you throughout your life. The layout of its shelves, the choice of books, the colour of the bindings, you perceive them as colour, height and arrangement of the universal literature." Osip Ėmil'evič Mandel'štam, Russian poet.

Inside a house, books should never be missing, and consequently neither a bookcase in which to store them. Despite present times require the ebooks and ipads to be increasingly the new means of reading, books always retain their charm. Browsing them, underlining them and putting them back are irreplaceable gestures. Who has not cataloged them by author, by colour or by size? But books can also be exposed and should always be at hand. And so then, having a bookcase becomes indispensable. The classic bookcase is the piece of furniture that transforms the culture of books into decoration for the home.

The New Classic Taormina bookcase is a versatile piece of furniture that lends itself to furnish a traditional environment with a sophisticated appeal and at the same time offers a large storage space, perfect for all needs. Handcrafted, it exudes warmth thanks to the choice of varnished solid wood - always and only with environmentally-friendly products - and is able to give brightness to a room with its milky white colour combined with raw walnut.

To avoid the library effect, a classic bookcase needs to be designed taking into account the room in which it will be housed. In living areas, bookcases, even if simple in appearance, will always have some details that make them unique and alive.

The New Classic Taormina bookcase is finished with elaborate frames resulting from the combination of craftsmanship, cultural tradition and design vision.

Moreover, the New Classic Taormina bookcase can also be the space of memories and conviviality, as well as books. It will host, then, photographs, ornaments, liqueurs and glasses.

It also has practical doors in raw walnut that allow you to store items that should not or we do not want to keep in view, or glass doors which enrich charm and protect our memories from dust.