Classic induction

Integrating contemporary needs and classic aesthetics
Classic induction

When we think of a classic kitchen we visualize a series of elements that bring us back to an idea of past which, though undefined, is clearly far from typical features of modernity such as speed, seriality, metal, minimalism and so on.

On the contrary, one can say that to the classic style a series of positive connotations are attributed, from slow rhytm in doing things, to hospitable welcoming, relax and concentration. To support the feeling of such perceived 'warmth', the materials come in handy: wood, stone, terracotta ... traditional materials, which acquire character from use, and whose wear and tear is a factor of beauty and memory.

And so, when you allow yourself the pleasure of a classic style kitchen, you find yourself in an apparent ambiguity, clenched between your desire not to affect this small protected environment and usual daily needs that are nevertheless associated to speed and efficiency.

There are those who opt for giving up some comfort in favor of an intact aesthetic and those who choose to place modern appliances in jambs from which to take them out only for the time strictly necessary for their use. For some household appliances - kettle, kneader, toaster and some other - there is the third way of retro aesthetics, but it is not an easy solution because they are so many appliances that are used that hardly will find a complete range for our every need.

In reality - where the kitchen is really well designed - the problem is not a problem and, like in well thought out cities, the modern and the classic, history and contemporaneity can perfectly coexist enhancing each other.

Such is the case, for instance, of the induction hob you have already seen in the Arcari Arredamenti kitchens.

It is certainly not a traditional element, yet its formal essentiality allows a perfect insertion in any environment, and the difference in speed - both when cooking and when cleaning - will not go unnoticed.

Moreover, if your dream of a classic kitchen combines with as strong a desire of a nice battery of copper pots, no fear: at present, some may also be found which are designed on purpose, to be used on the induction floor with no need for unsightly adapters!

Classic and modern, they can coexist comfortably in one same interior and even enhance each other. Such is the case, for instance, with the induction hobs in Arcari Arredamenti kitchens ...