Classic kitchens

Tailor-made for your tastes, your spaces, your desires
Classic kitchens

Is there anything nicer than setting up our home exactly according to our own wishes? than seeing the space that we have often dreamed of, but never precisely defined, appear under our eyes?

When that space is a tailor-made classic kitchen, however, its design and installation moment can be an extremely intense time, since when it comes to cooking matters cannot be simplified that much; we need to match different needs: aesthetics with functionality, daily use with durability over time, the practicality of movement with the spaces we have available.

And it is for these reasons that a really well-done kitchen, not only in classical style but also customized, can only be born from the collaboration between the client and a team of architects, designers, artisans; in short, people careful to listen and able to work flexibly while knowing and maintaining the firm points of true quality and usability, which cannot be compromised.

A company like Arcari arredamentidoes not want to sell a product that is ready for stock; it prefers to demonstrate its ability to design and make custom-made kitchens ad hoc conceived or based on one of the collections proposed (Siena, Taormina, Positano, Capri, Venice...) but declined in each detail - from the shelf to the drawer, from floorwork to household appliances - after interacting with people, helping them understand their own needs, analyzing use styles and supervising the spaces where the kitchen will be installed.

In this way, each realization will mirror the exigencies of people living there as well as the usual elegance, the measured, calm and welcoming decor of a classic kitchen and the Arcari style.