The elegance of wine

Unique bottles stored and served to the best
The elegance of wine

If there is a trait that distinguishes the last few years, that is the widespread renewed interest in food and wine quality, not only in starred restaurants but also as a domestic and private practice;

Courses and programs of cooking, tasting and pairing are flourishing; wine bars and Bistrot-à-Vin are opening; large retailers offer increasingly rich selections allowing everyone discover the pleasure of wine, taste its different kinds, and make it a topic of conviviality and sharing.

Conservation of these wines at home, however, requires some attention, if you do not want to spoil the content of the precious bottles we buy or that we are given as a gift;

The elegance of wine

Wine is, in fact, a very delicate matter and a few degrees more or less, or a low humidity level can influence it and in just a few days turn excellent bottles to the rank of wines that can be barely tolerable.

You do not always have at your disposal a cellar or a special room to protect the bottles from light (very important!), from changes in humidity and temperature, from vibrations and smells that are too strong; in such cases it is necessary you get a "wine cellar" - possibly made of wood, the ideal material because of its thermal insulation ability - and place it in a fresh, clean area, as far away as possible from heat sources and vibrations like those caused by loud noise or road traffic.

«Barrique di Vino» is the answer of Arcari Arredamenti to this need, a precious piece of furniture and a coffer that reveals a passion for good wine.It may contain up to 43 bottles and can be completed with cellar, sommelier kit and stemware.Finished in fine leather, it easily fits in classic environments as in modern furnishings, giving a touch of style to the conservation of wine and the moments of its sharing.