The elegant bathroom

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The elegant bathroom

The watchword is an elegant bathroom, in style, lines, and in the choice of material and colour. The goal is to make everyday life extraordinary and sophisticated, without sacrificing comfort and practical aspects. The main piece of furniture of this Taormina Classic line is entirely made of wood, a material that gives warmth and intimacy to the environment. The style is traditional, and lines are classic, soft and welcoming.

The elegance of the furniture is accentuated by the carvings in its central part, by choice of the milky white paint, bright and timeless, which is combined with the exposed raw walnut of the doors. Added to this is the decision of Carrara marble with which the support surface is made. The double lighting on the sides of the large mirror above the sink completes them all.

The Taormina Classic is an elegant bathroom whose classicism blends perfectly with the innovative imprint, which is typical of Arcari products. If, on the one hand, our passion is directed towards the creation of elements of sartorial style, on the other our attention is turned to eco-sustainability also: an aim we express in the research and use of natural materials and paints that respect the environment.

The Taormina Classic bathroom is an elegant bathroom, but it also pays great attention to everyday practical needs, especially in terms of space. So here is that it has two large drawers, six doors, two of which are side, allowing you to leave no unused space. And every part of the Taormina bathroom reveals the passion for craftsmanship that is typical of Arcari. The doors have inlaid knobs, demonstrating that no detail is left to chance. And the marble top, with curved and elegant lines, is large and spacious, able to accommodate everything needed for the daily care of the person and, why not, furnishings to personalize the space.