Family history

Siena new classic: the heart of the house
Family history

Choosing a kitchen is somehow choosing the heart of the home. If you want it to last for a long time, becoming the always recognisable place where to meet, be it the setting of your family memories, the choice of style should reflect not only current ambitions, tastes and fashions but need turn towards something that can be appreciated and loved forever. On the other hand, the furniture we are going to choose will have to reciprocate this emotional investment, respecting our commitment by staying beautiful and functional for a long time.

Here, the hemp coated Siena new Classic kitchen is a perfect kitchen for those who have this kind of plan: the plan to set up a home that is the elective scenography of their family stories.

The classic lines of the composition rely on criteria of balance, sobriety and composure, three qualities that never go out of fashion.

Its structure entirely in solid wood is a guarantee of soundness and durability while the doors have a delicately carved frame, with perfect proportions, in which even the handles avoid prominence and blend perfectly.

The marble of the top extends to the wall, so protecting the wall panelling and eliminating the need for a splash guard behind the fires. The result is chromatic and formal continuity that is as refined as it is delicate, underlined by the sub-table lights along the entire line.

The Siena new classic kitchen can meet virtually any need for composition, thanks to its large number of items available. Because when you envisage choosing a kitchen that will last over time, you should be sure that it meets your exigencies precisely.

In this way it will never be necessary to intervene by inserting elements extraneous to the composition, items that would disturb the delicate balance made of fine details, impeccable finishes and discreet elegance.