Flowers and plants

Not just aromatic for our kitchens
Flowers and plants

Of all the domestic environments the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most 'practical': apart from convivial occasions - especially when you have a kitchen corner or an open space - in general, the time spent in this space is spent cooking, cleaning, organizing... in short, to 'do'.

Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, this space should be not only well organized but also enjoyable to see and experience. And what can relax us more than the sight of a beautiful plant?

Of course, you can't think of inserting decorative plants in every corner, but there are different strategies and types of plants that go perfectly with the kitchen. First, the most obvious, the scented plants.

Sage, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme ... A plentiful supply of fragrant plants will not only allow us to always have the right twig on hand to give each dish a sophisticated touch but will also provide a bit of grace to the shelf or the tray on which we will place the jars. Individual pots or wooden boxes (especially in a kitchen like the Positano British moss) will be as useful as they are beautiful.

Then the flowers, of course. We have already talked about it, the flowers in the kitchen are a way of adding colour to the environment and at the same time having an original and colourful ingredient at hand to enrich salads, desserts and presentations. Calendula, lavender, iris, daisy, mallow, rose, violet and primula are just a few. Beautiful, cheap, easy to find, you just have to choose your favourite.

The decorative plants follow.

On average, the kitchen environment is warmer than the rest of the house: together with the humidity due to the cooking vapours, the two ideal elements for almost every plant are easily created. A classic Ficus Beniamino, provided it is not exposed to direct light, it fits well into a spacious kitchen that also includes the dining area. For smaller spaces you can opt instead for the hanging species, perfect for high shelves, such as the hood and the refrigerator of free installation: ivy and potus if you like green plants, surfinie and eschinanto if the flowers give you emotion. The important thing is that the cache-pot is coordinated with the kitchen!

Finally, the succulent plants. For those who do not have much time to devote to plant care, they are definitely a solution that satisfies all needs. There is an infinite number of variants, among which there are also hanging ones, such as the Sedum morganianum.