Formal conviviality

An elegant kitchen for representation needs
Formal conviviality

Sometimes the kitchen is not just a place to relax with the family but - while remaining a place of merriment - must respond to representational needs. It should, therefore, join the same level of elegance as those places, such as entrances, studies and living, that are nobler by tradition. No longer relegated into the service environment, it will then serve to entertain guests in an informal atmosphere, while maintaining high, very high, its perceived aesthetic level. Arcari Arredamenti designed the Capri luxury model on purpose for those who need have an elegant kitchen at such a level: a classic walnut kitchen, some of its elements finished in hawthorn derapé, finished with gilded friezes. An elegant kitchen like few, in every detail. The doors of the leading furniture have a delicately shaded frame around the central element that can be closed, in which case it has golden finishes in the corners or glass. The hood has the same nuanced finish of the leading furniture and is decorated in the middle by a sizeable greek, which characterises the environment immediately attracting the eye.

Immediately below, marble creates a perfect background both from an aesthetic and functional point of view: easily cleaned thanks to the total absence of interstices, it guarantees over time the impeccable appearance of the cooking area. The same marble is also used for the floor and the central island. Coordinated and remarkably lucid, it silently communicates a concept of timeless elegance.

The central block visually divides the work area from that of merriment. Besides, it extends the containment surface and at the same time offers an extensive support surface: which is ideal, if not even fundamental in occasions such as parties and standing lunches, to place glasses, trays, glacette and bottles. In everyday life, it is still convenient for a breakfast or a quick snack comfortably seated on the high padded stools.

The pantry is an unrivalled refinement and a worthy complement to the main pieces of furniture. Finished in a bright hawthorn derapé, it visually lightens the environment thanks to the sophisticated play of interior lights with the relationship between solids and voids. Indeed, it is the right place to enhance, protecting them, the most excellent pieces of silverware and glassware.

Last but not least, the round table. A walnut top resting on a finely decorated base and finished in hawthorn to coordinate with the pantry. Four upholstered chairs, with a high, comfortable slightly curved back and decorated by a central frieze.

Yes, even the simplest of dinners, in this frame, will seem a royal lunch.