Gnocchi with chestnuts

Cook them slowly and share with friends and family
Gnocchi with chestnuts

This time we propose, once again from the recipes of the award-winning Italian trattorias, a method of Ligurian gnocchi. Their particularities are two: chestnut flour added to the mixture of gnocchi and sour cheese (the prescinseua) added to the inevitable pesto.

An exciting variation of the trattoria 'La Brinca' that you can experiment in these days of celebration, in which you have a little 'more time to devote to cook calmly and with pleasure a special dish to share with friends and family.

Chestnut gnocchetti with mortar pesto, prescinseua and vegetables

For gnocchi:

For the chestnut gnocchi take two hg. of chestnut flour and one hg. of white flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil and 1 kg of Quarantine potatoes.

Boil the Quarantine potatoes with their skin, peel and mash them.

Then mix them with the flour, add salt and add the oil. The obtained mixture is rolled by hand into sticks.

Cut into 2 cm pieces and with the tip of your finger crush them to the side.

Boil the dumplings a few moments until they surface.

Drain and season with the pesto and prescinseua, adding boiled Quarantine potatoes you cut into squares, the beans or broad beans depending on the season.

Add the prescinseua to the pesto just to season the pasta you made with chestnut flour: the sweetness of the chestnuts makes a pleasant contrast with the acidity of the prescinseua.

For pesto:

Genoese basil DOP, coarse salt, Parmigiano Reggiano, Sardinian pecorino cheese, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil from the Ligurian Riviera PDO, garlic. Prescinseua: traditional Genoese sour curd (fresh cheese).

Pound the coarse salt and garlic in the mortar, then the basil leaves, then add the pine nuts and the cheeses. Stretch with oil to obtain the desired density of the sauce. Then add a spoonful of prescinseua to the pesto and mix.