Gold and hawthorn

A perfect combination especially in the Christmas atmosphere
Gold and hawthorn

The Siena line is a kitchen that includes a special corner for every moment of the day and year.

A peninsula table for a quick breakfast or an informal lunch, and - above all - for cooking. A round, extendable table, partially isolated from the rest for lunches, dinners, parties.

The large central hood is inside an isolated element, in lozenge-carved wood which is a pendant with the sliding door that covers the oven. In this way form and function coexist, and the environment is perfect both during preparation and during lunch.

The island does not only have the function of separating the more formal dining area from that of the preparation, but also excellently fulfills the task of container space, housing drawers with opening towards the dining area on the side of the peninsula table, allowing you to have desk pad in a dedicated and easily accessible space, everything you need to set.

The round, extendable dining table can seat up to six people. It consists of a large walnut top that rests on a solid wood base, elegantly turned and finished in milk white brush stroke.

The padded chairs, in curved wood, are finished in eco-leather.

The pantry cabinet reserves a central area with shelves illuminated by spotlights, ideal for displaying the most beautiful pieces of ceramic or silverware.

The large hood is hidden by an engraved and shaped wooden structure. Immediately beneath a very shiny tool bar stands out against the bottom splash guard, made of the same marble as the top.

The wall units are finished with frosted and decorated glass doors, which make the composition more airy and house the LEDs that illuminate the marble worktop with the integrated sink.

Overall, the Siena Luxury hawthorn and gold kitchen is a space not only beautiful to look at, but undoubtedly also rich in living, in all the aspects and moments that the days offer us.