Inner beauty

Design quality in the interior details
Inner beauty

We continue our in-depth review on the aspects that distinguish a quality kitchen starting analyse the interiors of a piece of furniture built with all the capacity of the Italian artisan tradition.

The industrial production of kitchens found an intelligent solution to reduce both production costs and storage costs: use fixed, universal and adaptable modules for interiors and customize the kitchen only through external doors and accessories. Nothing to say, it works.

Of course, however - for those with a minimum of sensitivity - opening the doors and see the uprights with endless rows of unused holes is not gratifying.

Some producers try to mediate between standardization and visual cleaning needs with 'caps' covering holes that partially safeguard glance, but the result is not even remotely comparable to a piece of furniture done really well, with measures and positioning of the planned plans that are as foreseen and prepared for the customer needs.

The drilling layout is not the only element that distinguishes quality interiors.

The color also plays an important part, and the Arcari Arredamenti kitchens - unlike those produced in series - always provide interiors with colors coordinated with the doors, colors that create a visual continuity of the outside and the interior, further emphasized by the third interior detail: lights.

Under a shelf or inside a cabinet, tiny points of warm light obtained with high-quality LEDs illuminate and enhance the furniture as much as its contents. The best result is in the wall units with glass doors: the light spreads gently to the surrounding environment, illuminating without dazzling. The touch of style: lights also in the drawers, activated by motion sensors. With the elegance of an English butler, they accompany and silently help every gesture of the landlord.