Nature in colour

The heart of the house welcomes and stimulates
Nature in colour

The kitchen itself is a colourful environment: textiles, for starters: tablecloths and napkins, table runners and placemats, aprons and tea towels, long and short window curtains. Food packaging: biscuits, snacks, pasta, all kinds of preserves, crisps and snacks. Not to mention the fresh fruit and vegetables, often left in sight also by their incredible evocative power ... There would be enough to make a decision once and for all,the kitchen must be white. Instead, miraculously, next to all these nuances, a colourful kitchen always befits, welcoming and framing the wealth of experience as, perhaps, in no other room you can achieve.

This is why the Positano model that you see in the photos is proposed in many shades chosen among those of nature, such as barley, rice and musk, that were used to colour the open pore ash wood of the table, the sideboards and the chairs.

Moreover, the contemporary trend - very delightful especially now that you start feeling a desire for spring - does not limit the colour to furniture, proposing instead the use of creative wallpaper like this one, that has been printed taking up the motifs of old decorated cement tiles. The choice of applying it to a single wall allows you not to burden the room excessively, enhancing - on the contrary - the most essential wall and the sideboards that are supported there.

The colours blend perfectly with the Positano collection and with the suspended lights, covered with sandblasted glazes that give a matte appearance and an opaque finish similar to the furniture.

Last but not least, dishes. Their pale white lets the attention go back to the sizeable coloured terracotta glasses that reflect the colours of the suspensions and the wallpaper. The result is a rich environment, very stimulating while remaining welcoming.

What more can you ask for to the heart of your house?