New classic kitchen Venice

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New classic kitchen Venice

We think of a space. Let's think it beautiful, of a beauty that cannot be denied. That lasts over time. That does not bore. That always amazes us. To which city can you dedicate this feeling of surprising and yet welcoming beauty?

In fact, this incredibly bright, traditional and modern kitchen is dedicated to Venice: it is the ideal for cooking as well as for welcoming important guests.

The new classic Venice kitchen is characterized by doors with a light frame. The doors, coated in opaque milk white, make the environment very elegant without formalism excesses, with the touch of the handles to embellish the composition.

The closed cabinets are equipped with underlying lights that illuminate the worktop while the hanging cabinets have frosted glass doors that lighten the composition and let you glimpse the dishes or glasses. Choosing them very white or highly decorated will be almost mandatory to take advantage of the scenic effect that is allowed, among other things, by the internal spotlights. At the base, two small drawers let us keep napkins, serving cutlery and bread baskets handy ...


Specific element of the new classic kitchen Venice is the great central element that includes: on the left the large recessed refrigerator, closed by a brushed steel door, on the right a large controlled-temperature wine cellar, ideal for keeping the most precious wines, while in the center the large professional oven visually connects the two elements. It is framed at the top by two hanging compartments and at the bottom by two large drawers, perfect for keeping pots and pans under control.

The backsplash panel behind the large five-burner hob is the only point where steel is taken up in the main body of the kitchen: it is the ideal point for stylistic consistency and functional utility given the resistance and hygiene properties of this material. It rests on the patinated opaque clay paneling that covers the entire background wall. enhancing the brightness of the main block.

The extra idea? the large carpet under the dining table. A flat texture and printed with classic motifs is the ideal complement to emphasize the ability of this kitchen to add style to everyday life.