Open kitchens

For not formal souls, attentive to style
Open kitchens

What distinguishes this Modern version of our beloved Positano collection?

It is a variation designed for those who prefer the pleasure of informality and lightness to more traditional values such as calm and recollection, which are better satisfied by Positano British or Classic.

Open and pleasant, it introduces in the Positano line innovative elements such as the bar counter and open shelving, ready to offer all you daily use the most while allowing you to keep everything in order.

But there's more. This Modern version of the Positano kitchen also includes the possibility that it is inserted in large spaces, typical of a contemporary feeling, which will be kept open both in the recovery of otherwise disused spaces, like industrial ones, and when reinterpreting classic apartments: a decor case based on the pleasure of eliminating walls and blending different, traditionally separate environments and living the house not according to protocols and schedules but according to need and desire.

And so also the large dining table and the coordinated buffet create a space adjoining the kitchen very pleasant and tidy, ready to host as much dinner with friends as a standing lunch, tasted halfway between the kitchen and living area, also coordinated.

A living room composed of a large solid wall unit which at the same time looks light thanks to the skilful integration of open and closed elements with frosted glass doors, and of a large central table on a copper finish metal structure.

Made of open-pore Mirto colour ash that dialogues, compensating for itself, with the brightness of the barley colour of the table top, upholstered eco-leather chairs, the buffet shelf and the boiserie of the kitchen, this line is definitely the answer for those looking to create a fluid home, rich in both style and freedom.