Pienza New Classic

The starting point for an ideal day
Pienza New Classic

The Pienza bathroom in raw walnut is the ideal starting point for each day.

Every furnishing solution in this spacious bathroom is designed for practicality, not disjointed from refined elegance. The double sink allows you to have a personal space, where to keep on hand all your necessaire while sharing the bathroom.

The large drawers below can accommodate everything from cumbersome hair dryers and towels to the tiny packages of make-up and beauty products.

In the centre, the makeup area. Being able to sit comfortably on the stool and dedicate even a few minutes, but well done, to a light make-up will undoubtedly make us feel more at ease in all situation the day will reserve us. And - once finished - we can reposition the stool under the cabinet, in the dedicated compartment, in perfect order.

The large framed mirrors have the dual function of allowing you to see the overall result of our preparation clearly and to expand the bathroom space visually.

Characteristic of this composition, sober but not minimal, are the elements - chests of drawers, wall units with a drop-down door and shelves - designed to house stocks, create an additional area that is easily declinable according to the available space, and provide a handy and essential element: an ample plan to support all things, from the radio to your mobile phone, from the bag to the clothes we intend to wear (even better, place them on a hanger and hang them on the specially designed rail: steam will stretch the fibres eliminating wrinkles and too marked folds).

A bathroom where every solution is designed having practicality in mind, not disjointed from refined elegance, is the ideal starting point for each day.