Pienza new classic bathroom

The ideal atmosphere to rediscover the pleasure of slowness
Pienza new classic bathroom

When was the last time you offered yourself the luxury of slowness? That very day when you put aside commitments and deadlines and took time for yourself? If you do not remember it, maybe it's time to indulge in a few hours of well-deserved relaxation.

Let's reveal a secret: our brain is programmed to be a slow machine and needs its time. And we will tell you even more: slowness stimulates creativity.

The ideal setting to "waste some time" is a warm and welcoming environment, an environment where you can focus at the beginning of a busy day or relax at the end of an endless week. A situation like the one created by the new classic Pienza bathroom, which will help you rediscover this now so rare commodity that is slowness.

Accurate in the details, it has an elegant style that combines traditional elements and design cues.

We find the traditional elements, above all, in the vanity unit designed to accommodate two sinks. Its shapes and decorations, with their slightly retro flavor, perfectly match the large mirrors.

You find the design subtleties in the shelves, with their essential line and chromed supports, which create a pleasant contrast with the classic taste of the whole set: they can accommodate creams and lotions, essences to perfume the environment and, in general, everything that is comfortable to always keep at hand.

The trait-d'-union between the two styles is the suspended column with decorated doors, in which to store soft and fragrant towels, letting just those ready for use on a table, possibly together with a good book you read crouched on a small armchair.

An elegant and refined style that cleverly adapts to different environments, able to create the ideal atmosphere where to indulge in a brief deserved relaxation and rediscover the pleasure of slowness.