Positano British Kitchen

Where calm reigns to be experienced with those we love.
Positano British Kitchen

Choosing a British style kitchen is an explicit declaration you desire calm and slowness; that special peace you breathe at the awakening of nature, inviting you to open your windows again on fields that return to green.

Here then explained the meaning of each little detail of this furniture. The plate rack that allows dishes to dry according to the season’s times and temperatures...

The white shelves that somehow wink at lightness with their white profile, round like a cloud, and are perfect for hosting bunches of buttercups, primroses, pots of fragrant herbs, family photographs or jars of white flour.

The glass doors that show the plates and the cups inside, suggesting a nice English tea with biscuits on an early spring afternoon, perhaps in the company of loved ones or a good book, including spicy scents and velvet ribbons.

The veins of the wood that can be glimpsed under the delicate stain of mordant, inviting us to follow them and get lost in thought.

The style of the British kitchens is all this, it reminds us and offers us the pleasure of the little things observed and savored calmly.

And it is in the midst of this calm that we can finally dedicate ourselves to us. To do. To cook good and healthy things. To taste and share them.