Positano industrial

Industrial is the new chic from the modern apartment to the most rustic of the villas
Positano industrial

Kitchens are deemed the heart of the home not just because they are the places where food is prepared, but also because in their spaces people will more easily communicate and relate to each other.

The choice of an industrial style kitchen further stimulates both family and friend relationships thanks to informality and relax feelings it communicates.

A bit of good taste and a few tricks will help integrate an industrial kitchen like the Positano industrial even in the most traditional environments, combining it with the owner’s taste and inclinations; any undated piece entering will act as trait-d'union with quite a classical house or a very rustic villa.

What are the main characteristics of industrial kitchens?

Above all the more or less evident presence of steel elements, such as the hood, the doors or the stools.

Then the self-standing dimension: furnishing elements do not necessarily fill each centimeter of the available space, as if linked together. They on the contrary evoke a recovery of independent, mixable and repositionable elements.

Finally, the presence of 'exposed' elements. Almost all industrial kitchens have at least one part of the storage without doors: for dishes, food supplies or cookware which sometimes are even hung, in allusion to restaurant kitchens even more than industry.

The industrial kitchen of Arcari Positano combines all these features with wooden structures for the wall elements and - if desired - with a central cooking island surmounted by the steel hood, large and powerful, which allows you to set this incredible combination even on a kitchen that overlooks the living room.

The original detail of the bottle racks made of fabric hanging under the independent wall elements makes the perception of this environment even more relaxed, ready to welcome any moment of conviviality.