Positano modern

Dynamic and welcoming environments for a spontaneous though elegant lifestyle
Positano modern

2018 seems to be the year of natural tones, as seen at the Paris “MAISON & OBJET" salon that ended in January, and the Modern variety of the Positano collection could not be more in tune with this trend. This configuration, in fact, allows us to re-create in our home dynamic and welcoming environments and atmospheres genuinely inspired by nature.

Characterized by clean lines, moldings minimized and a palette of colors that skillfully modulates the light shades of the doors to the warm wood of the floor and the dark shades of tables, consoles and shelves, the Positano Modern also includes elements that appear in anticipation of a kitchen overlooking the living room, meant to create coherence and continuity for dynamic environments where reception of family and friends leads to the intimacy of the kitchen.

Open shelves are peculiar in this model, allowing spontaneous gestures and comfort in a kitchen devoid of any pretentious form, which puts in sight and allows easy access to most used food and equipment.

Last but not least the detail of the textured steel doors, which make the Positano Modern kitchen closer to contemporary feeling: it winks at the industrial style without losing the soft atmosphere wood creates and it allows to beautifully coordinate with the trend in current appliances, which by their shiny steel finishes often recall the typical shapes of the fifties.