As precious as a Diamond

A project that reflects a philosophy of life
As precious as a Diamond

Such is the concept of contemporary well-being, which increasingly leads to a reduction in the number of objects that surround us, in favour of their quality.

From Marie Kondo onwards, the concepts of space cleaning and decluttering are spreading, and everywhere we look - from fashion to interior design, from street furniture to graphics - we notice the search for visual cleaning.

The imperative is we come back to be master of space and time, two precious things that disorder and the accumulation of objects make us waste.

Lo and behold: the inspiring themes of the Diamante Contemporary bathroom are precisely lightness, space, the empty spaces.

The sink rests on a light, stable, open structure. Below it, two small wheeled drawers are ready to move according to our needs.

The hexagon shelves offer the capacity needed to keep only the bare essentials.The basic module can be opened or closed by a flap door made of wood or a bevelled mirror. The interior plan - transparent by the idea of not visually weighing down the environment - does not entirely cross the width of the element but starts from the upper left corner to end in the central right one. This detail is not just a divertissement as a designer, but it is useful to create a perfect vertical space for bottles or perfumers for the environment.

The suspended bases are at the same time a support surface and a compartment for the most cumbersome objects (such as replacement towels, hair-dryers, stocks of products).

A project that reflects one philosophy of life and gives it a harmonious synthesis of functionality and aesthetics.