Provencal kitchen

The refinement of white for a timeless kitchen
Provencal kitchen

The decorative richness of the Venetian style and the warmth of the Provençal taste blend admirably in this kitchen which, on a matt hawthorn coated base, inserts hemp matt patina elements, for a soft and refined mood.

The large surface for the kitchen allows you to create an atmospheric composition, able to enhance the individual elements of the Venezia Provencal line. In this setting, the kitchen has been combined with a floor and decorative stuccos on the ceiling, that create the perfect background for what, more than a cooking room, we should call a "kitchen environment".

The prominence given to the hood is essential: framed in a uniquely designed wall, it by itself constitutes an element with a strong decorative impact.

All the furniture, from the tall columns that provide the space needed to store everything that even the most demanding hostess could wish for, to the low furniture or to the exposed shelves, have plain and classic lines but at the same time do not give up elegance thanks to unaffected decorations, cornices, and handles, all characterized by lightness and style.

The dining area is composed of an extendable table and upholstered chairs with harmonious and elegant lines, positioned on a rug that goes perfectly with the environment. In this proposal, a chandelier worthy of the most elegant of the dining rooms overhangs the table, completing the whole. As a suggestion, we see a statue as well as refined furnishings that underline the elegance of this Provencal kitchen in its entirety.

It should be noted that the two tall pieces of furniture in this kitchen space have been deliberately designed differently: the built-in cupboard behind the table has opaque hemp-coated doors, whilst near the "work" area we find a large white piece of furniture with a frosted glass door, a sort of "pantry cabin", from whose shelves are displayed beautiful furnishing objects. Outside, this area is completed by shaped shelves having the same matt white finish.

The table, which alternates matt white hawthorn elements (such as its legs and frame) with a oak oil finished top merges with the low cabinet that ideally divides the strict kitchen area from the dining area, thus creating a sort of island.

The whole of this Provencal cuisine conveys an idea of ​​serenity, elegance and warmth at the same time.