The refined bathroom

White or black, for an elegant personality
The refined bathroom

The elegance and refinement of the Thames bathroom is expressed by white and black, interpreting two declinations: Classic, in glossy black lacquer and New Classic, in glossy white lacquered. Comparing these two models of refined bathrooms is a way to understand the differences, and to consciously choose the model that best adds to one's taste and personality.

Both compositions are characterized by elegantly suspended furniture, with a double sink that comes in two different models: a carved glass countertop washbasin for the Classic, a model integrated into the glass top for the New Classic. The matching taps are a combination of contemporary design, perfectly integrated into the proposal, and high quality materials.

The Tamigi Classic black lacquered bathroom is a sought-after piece of furniture, albeit in its essentiality, defined by a shaped top in polished glass and with a spacious drawer under the sink.

Dedicated to those who are looking for everyday practicality and organization in a refined bathroom, the white lacquered Tamigi New Classic bathroom offers two lateral hanging drawers that, in addition to providing additional storage space, make up a bathroom cabinet that finds its harmony in the play of heights, in a succession of of volumes in space.

Finally, a refined bathroom cannot be said to be complete without a coordinated mirror, and here in the Tamigi Classic we find two ovals mirrors, above each sink, in black lacquered wood, with an elegant inlay that echoes the characterizing element of the main piece of furniture.

For the New Classic model instead, the proposal focuses on a single, large, rectangular, backlit mirror that gives light and breath to the environment. Flanked by two wall units in sandblasted and oiled white oiled oak, perfectly inserted in the chromatic environment, enhanced by two doors with decoration.

Both bathrooms create a unique and enveloping atmosphere, warmer and brighter where white predominates, more refined and elegant in the proposal in black. But what unites these two examples of refined bathroom is the peculiarity of the manufacturing work that is realized and that is expressed in the quality of the materials used, in the choice of colors and details, such as the marvelous inlays that characterize both the bathroom furniture and that seal the perfection of furniture.