Sartorial synergies

Two companies, a common vision of quality
Sartorial synergies

What does an historical company like Arcari Arredamenti have in common with Cattivelli, a historical name in the field of men's accessories?

Both are from Isola Dovarese, of course, and both of them have been passionately pursuing their love for what they do without abandoning their origins for more than half a century.

But what really unites their work is neither space nor time but the way they do it, the sartorial attitude - it is appropriate to say - by which they tackle each new 'piece' of their collections.

It is not a question of 'luxury' nor an answer to the 'needs of a sophisticated clientele'. It is the need of those who know their area, research the best raw materials, know how to work them, and are not content to make beautiful products only at the first glance or lasting just enough to reach the change of trend.

It is the need of those who aspire to create true value.

Aesthetic value, with undeniably beautiful products, whose beauty is not a momentary exploit and a creative divertissement but tradition, proportion, style.

Value in use, for customers who daily find themselves satisfied in their needs by perfect objects that do not require continuous care and attention.

Cultural value, of those who keep alive the ability to do well which is typical of our country's small businesses, a real asset to protect and enhance.

These, among others, are the reasons that brought these two companies together that will be twinned throughout the December in the Arcari Arredamenti di Isola Dovarese flagship store.

An opportunity to touch with your hands the wonderful silks of Cattivelli, here worn by our architects.