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Professional organization with elegance
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Sometimes we hear that it is the tools that make the professional. Obviously this is a simplification to the limits of the false because knowledge, distinctive capacity, problem solving and creativity are all typical elements of the good professional which are not inside and can in no way be transferred to the objects of professional use (even if artificial intelligence is trying to go in that direction ... the road is still long, however).

One thing that to be sure characterizes a professional is his/her ability to organize work space so that he can work with consistent, safe and fast gestures. In order to find the right tools immediately and replace them quickly so that he can easily move on to the next project or job.

This applies to any profession and especially in the kitchen, where the operations are many and different and food must be stored both before and after preparation. Of course, not everyone can have or may want to have a restaurant kitchen: no matter how efficient are its technical / organizational solutions and steel may be easy to clean, this type of environment definitely lacks the warmth that is needed for a domestic kitchen, in which preparing is just one of the needs, at least as important as welcoming significant moments, from family breakfasts to formal lunches.

Four rooms, one for a large fridge and one for a wine cellar. The two units share the roles: the left one houses two ovens (one electric and one microwave) below which the removable pan holder shows all your pots and pans without having to extract them from long stacks.

The other allows us to keep food stocks and textiles organized and easily identifiable thanks to the many extractable wire shelves, while the grill for the glasses and the upper shelves can accommodate all your most delicate dishes.

To complete this magnificent piece of furniture, the internal leds activated by the sliding of the door, which will allow us to identify what we need at first glance!

Service classic column