The space for makeup

Confident gestures to start the day as best as possible
The space for makeup

For every woman - it can be said - to prepare for the best before going out in the morning is an almost basic requirement. The question is not about the choice between giving yourself a quick line of blush and mascara, or getting an elaborate hairstyle and perfect contouring. What matters is that the small daily rituals help to feel good and face the day with more energy and a positive attitude.

This is why it is vital to make sure that moments you dedicate to yourself are as pleasant as possible. And the only way for this to happen is that there is a specially dedicated make-up space, where you can do everything with due calm and attention. The first, fundamental, characteristic is that you can sit comfortably and you can rest your elbows so you can make up with calm, maintaining a relaxed and stable position in front of the mirror.

Firstly, at least one floor and a dedicated stool are needed, positioned at a point where the light falls well on the face so as not to make mistakes due to shaded corners. Secondly, it is essential to have all 'tools' at hand, then provide the space for make-up in the bathroom with drawers and cabinets that allow you to organise creams and lotions, powders and brushes, pencils and correctors elegantly and neatly.

In the Vintage Bathroom of Arcari Arredamenti in the make-up area, there is an entire countertop to the left of the suspended wall unit. The magnifying stand-on mirror - ideal for details - acts as a counter to the large illuminated mirror on the edge that gives back an overall vision.

The Pienza new classic bathroom, on the other hand, stands out for its make-up space in the centre of the two-washbasin cabinet. The large drawer - immediately at hand - makes it ideal for those who use many products, while the stool compartment keeps the bathroom in perfect order.