Spring is in the air

Flowers in the kitchen for the joy of the eyes
Spring is in the air

And finally, here it is spring! Air, light, colours, the desire to be outdoors ... And a triumph of flowers that, day after day, open up in a succession of tones. Spring opens the dance with the bright yellows of forsythia and mimosas, to then leave room for the opulence of the magnolias - white or pink - of camellias and peonies, rhododendrons and azaleas, followed by wisterias with their cascade of bunches violets, and finally, in May, roses in their richness of colours and varieties.

Meanwhile, the meadows are full of wildflowers. Simple, humble but always beautiful: daisies, dandelions, violets, primroses, buttercups, tulips ... the list could go almost endlessly.

Our advice: let's bring some of these colourful wonders to our home, but not so many! Then place them not only in the living room, where we are used to arranging "important" bouquets of flowers. Create instead many small, medium and large clusters to be set in places of your house that usually don't host flowers, like the kitchen, the corridors or, why not, even the bathroom. Amazing how just a few flowers can enrich a corner or an environment!

Choose tones that better recall the chromatic style of the environment, for a harmonious and homogeneous effect, or on the contrary act in reverse by inserting strong and vivid colours that create a certain detachment.

And as for the containers, one word: dare! In addition to the "important" and "classic" vases that we all have, invent original and anomalous vessels, like everyday objects born not to contain flowers but which, once filled with flowers, will give life to a whole that catches the eye. Any examples? You are spoiled for choice ...