The table

this makes the difference in one's kitchen
The table

A table is an essential complement to any kitchen. Useful and necessary indeed, it can and must also be beautiful and able to adapt harmoniously to the environment that hosts it.

Square? Rectangular? Round? On the peninsula? There is no right or wrong answer, everything depends on its position in terms of space and overall balance.

But let's go a little more in detail with some examples. Yes, a table must have the same style as the kitchen furniture to make the environment unique. It may not be noticed, since it integrates perfectly with the kitchen, like in opaque hawthorn Capri or white glazed Venice.

Or it can dare and make itself noticed with a definite chromatic leap, as in these cases:

Or you can still get by with different styles and materials, which leave nothing to chance but, cleverly put together, blend harmoniously with the rest of the furniture:

For those who love a classic and elegant style, nothing can overcome a beautiful round table, which becomes the fulcrum of the kitchen environment, also turning it into a dining room.

Or again, for those who want a solution somehow out of the box, by choice or by the need of space, here is the peninsula table: an integral part of the kitchen island, beautiful and at the same time informal.

The kitchen table is, therefore, a valuable ally to underline a style or a state of mind, as in the case of this industrial Positano kitchen, where the table emphasizes and reinforces the stylistic trait.