Taormina Contemporary

Classic taste and contemporary exigencies in a timeless kitchen
Taormina Contemporary

The Taormina Contemporary kitchen can combine the elegance of classic taste with the contemporary spirit and needs.

Needs for speed, like lunch or an 'on the fly' breakfast, are satisfied by the bar counter on the side peninsula, while the large capacity of the containment modules makes it easy to put away the many tools and appliances of modern food style, from the Bimby to the slow-juicer, from the bread machine to the vacuum machine.

The shelves at the head of the peninsula betray the aesthetics of 'all placed' in favour of a location where to take from and where to quickly store things. A stylistic license that has the function of simplifying the most common gestures (it is the perfect place to keep at hand condiments, bread basket, placemats ...) and to visually enliven the space.

The colour palette has the advantage of being able to adapt easily to different styles of accessories and dishes. Almost perfectly neutral, it is composed of the white milk of the base and of the wall units, whose sand-glass doors make the composition airier; of the 'clay' wood of the hood, shelves and boiserie, and of the grey of the marble and stainless-steel tops of the lower doors and the kitchen block. The stainless steel integrates perfectly with the delicate lines of the furniture thanks to two details: the rhythmic pattern at the base of the doors and the shape at the bottom of the kitchen unit.

Just this block is one of the most characteristic elements of this kitchen: unique in its kind, having two compartments to the right and left of the oven that are meant to keep pots and pans handy, it includes the hob with five burners and is slightly more profound than the rest of the kitchen: a useful device to have a comfortable workspace.