Taormina New Classic

The elegant and contemporary kitchen
Taormina New Classic

When you think of an elegant kitchen, you usually imagine an "old-fashioned" environment, a bit démodé, with dull colours. Here, the Taormina New Classic kitchen dispels such an idea by showing an elegant and at the same time modern, practical, light, warm and enveloping kitchen. Elegance shines from every element that makes up this kitchen so carefully thought out and masterfully made. The choice of as precious materials as raw walnut, the bright colour of milky white lacquer, wall units with glass doors and delicate decoration give brightness and lightness to the composition and express the refined character of this beautiful kitchen.

Moreover and beyond its elegance, the Taormina New Classic is at the same time a genuinely contemporary kitchen. It was, in fact, created by choosing the best that updated technology can offer for everyday practicality. A few pieces that make the difference: the sinuous taps, the bar for hanging all the utensils needed for cooking, the five-burner hob and the two latest-generation ovens installed at half height.

The composition includes large larders closed by precious doors in raw walnut, organized in many compartments and shelves that allow you to have everything within reach but in an orderly manner.

Besides, the columns support the two ovens located at an ergonomic height that facilitates their use and conceal the refrigerator.

Space is organized to have both a large and well-equipped work area and a convivial area with a table and chairs that lean against the central island.

The lightness that this elegant kitchen expresses is given - in addition to light colours - by details and finishes, such as the sinuous table legs and the combination with a majestic but graceful glass chandelier.

Overall, the Taormina New Classic kitchen is a shining example of how an elegant kitchen never goes out of fashion, especially if enriched with functional elements, innovative materials and a touch of contemporary design.