Taormina New Classic bathroom

Because it is important you devote time to yourself
Taormina New Classic bathroom

A long and tiring day of work or just the wish to pamper yourself is the ideal excuse to take care of yourself with small wellness rites.

Choosing the right bathroom furniture is, therefore, an exercise to be done with care and attention, so to create an environment that welcomes you in such personal moments combining aesthetic pleasantness with a high degree of functionality.

The elegant Taormina New Classic bathroom is the best you can find trying to meet the need for warmth and practicality.

The enveloping and comfortable atmosphere is given as much by the excellent craftsmanship that realized this work as by the emotional strength of vintage wood, with its visible veins that create a natural and cosy environment, in particular in combination with the brushed and polished clay.

In this elegant bathroom, tradition and modernity meet in a design that aims to introduce new aesthetic and functional solutions, while maintaining a classic atmosphere.

The composition looks like this, with suspended furniture and the sink with a visible siphon positioned asymmetrically on the main floor.Immediately above a sizeable frameless mirror is surmounted by a LED light, which illuminates uniformly and remains almost invisible in its linearity.

The two large lower drawers are immediately available for storage towels and supplies of products, closed by a beautiful frame door and a knob in polished steel.

The three suspended wall units with hinged doors, made of vintage wood and crowned with LEDs that illuminate and warm the environment, echo.

In the middle, a long and prominent shelf that bears the towel holder; we find it divided into compartments where you can store everything you need for the toilet for him and her: brushes and combs, make-up and brushes, soaps and perfumes. In this way, the ample space of the top remains free and orderly and available, on occasion, to place scented candles or essence diffusers that will make the moments we decided to dedicate to ourselves even more magical.