Vintage in Trento

A style able to integrate into your life
Vintage in Trento

In recent years, books, articles, and services that talk about minimalism and reducing consumption are increasingly seen. Philosophies, so to speak, that promote a conscious attitude and the search for durable and quality objects. On the contrary, more and more rarely it is sought - in furnishing as well as in clothing - to fully follow the dictates of a style, eliminating all the previous experience to make room for the new. The ambition then becomes to find goods that can integrate with personal history, objects (or furniture) that can add a touch of novelty and that "indefinable something " to what you already have.

The Vintage Trento Contemporary bathroom responds to this trend: with its ability to combine tradition and innovation and mix classic and contemporary lines with mastery, it has the ability to integrate into different environments with disfiguring in none.

On the other hand - you know - the touch of class lies in the details and elements on which to play in the bathroom are many.

And so the visible grain of the wood marries beautifully with the modern design of faucets and freestanding sanitary ware, but it would not clash even with a pedestal sink, maybe a decorated one, and with a center-room tub with lion's feet; or the hexagonal shelves that go well with these walls, whose drawings air a classic flavor, but would also work in an atmosphere inspired, somewhat, by the '50s or' 60s.

And if time and boredom will make us change our mind about combinations and colors, certainly these elements will keep us company and create around us the perfect atmosphere when our only desire is to have a perfumed bath in the company of a good book, some music or just our own thoughts.