The white in the kitchen

The colour of the dream in all its shapes
The white in the kitchen

Why is the dream kitchen, today, all white?

Each colour conveys with itself the series of meanings that tradition attributed to it, and white, to us, recalls purity and innocence.

In reality, until the nineteenth century in the common houses, the hearth provided the necessary heat for cooking food and made the place comfortable, which therefore took its name from it and became the very symbol of conviviality ... although certainly - because of the fireplace and of the soot - it was anything but white.

The current functional kitchen is a very contemporary reality, it is the "kingdom of the housewife" where the white alludes to the hygiene and the legendary "whites" appeared after the war are her pride…

Can you want more? Now yes: after the thousand variations proposed by the design, after yet another electronic accessory, you now want to recover the conviviality of the fireplace, freeing yourself from the roles, transforming the work into play and cooking in an informal yet elegant living room.

A veil of white on everything (whether it is a milky white or a shiny or opaque hawthorn shade) makes the environment abstract: it cancels the separation between "noble" and "service" parts and grants an atmosphere of fairytale unreality.

A new princely kitchen is an intimate place for conversation and dialogue, but also the one in which the landlady performs her culinary talents while having fun commenting on it with friends...