Pienza New Classic kitchen

Traditional shapes and fine finishes
For an elegant and refined dining area.
Pienza New Classic kitchen

The new classic style bridges the aesthetics that comply with contemporary lifestyles to your desire for return to tradition, for past times' elegance and calm.

Its delicate tonalities are combined with the traits of modern design so that excessive rigor is smoothed out and sober but not austere environments may be created: linear but not trivial, stylish and refined although able, above all, to fit perfectly in different contexts: from modern city apartments to villas and country houses.

The New Classic Pienza kitchen in its new classic version is a perfect example of this style. Great attention is given to details: the decoration of the frame of its sideboard, the profile of its shelves and of the hood, the handles of its drawers and cabinet doors. In its wall units, order becomes subtlety: glass doors allow you to keep in view your most beautiful crockery and glasses, which therefore become real furnishing accessories; the hood can be used to display small elements, such as paintings or silverware, which will make the environment personalized and welcoming.

Last, but not least, is the coordinated table that naturally invites to the informal conviviality of a family breakfast but is also perfect for the most elegant dinners.