Taormina Classic

The pure fascination
of elegant classic furniture
The pure fascination of elegant classic furniture

Entering a Taormina Classic kitchen, you can't help but be enchanted by the refined details that characterize this environment, that a classic, beautiful décor makes distinguished. Your eyes fill with the many features that make up every corner of this kitchen. Wherever you look, you are fascinated. The handles. Just only the handles are sufficient to tell you about this kitchen, the great effort to design it and the wise hands that made it. It's not classic knobs. They are refined weaves that donate elegance and lightness. Then, we are captivated by the inlays that embellish this cuisine, highlighting the artisan tradition behind it. Nothing is left to chance. Each detail is curated to express the sophisticated, refined soul of the Taormina Classic. Nothing is missing, and each piece is a unique piece. Just look at the peninsula that stands in the centre. Wide, spacious, almost imposing with its marble countertop and the base with a particular shape that fits perfectly into an elegant classic décor, making it more contemporary though not distorting it.

The pure fascination of elegant classic furniture

The attention is then captured by the large main cabinet. A set of bas-reliefs inlaid in wood, elegant white brushstroke milk and raw walnut. Your love for details does not pay attention to aesthetic issues only, however, and it will recognize the practical solutions that the Kitchen Taormina Classic offers. Solutions that make the most of every space, since if the eye wants its part, even the daily needs must be met. Numerous windows, drawers and shelves are made up in this kitchen where you can cook comfortably having at your fingertips all things you need.

The pure fascination of elegant classic furniture

In fact, the Taormina Classic also has a spacious pantry. Behind its sophisticated walnut doors, you will find everything you need to keep all tidy and organized, because this kitchen can give style to our house, and with the same style we can live it.