The woodwork

A classic solution
always elegant
The woodwork, A classic solution always elegant

Boiserie is the term French used to refer to the decoration based on covering the walls with wood panels, variously carved, engraved or inlaid. Developed in France in the 17th and 18th centuries, interior designers used the boiserie to cover walls, cabinets, doors and bookcases, but above all as a solution of décor, because of their beautiful inlays. Today, although most modern panelling is less decorated than in the past, they remain an actual element of the more elegant décor and lend a touch of exclusivity to the house.

Today you may also find inlays of stucco or plaster, but the wood remains the primary material: fir, cedar, larch, mahogany, walnut or cherry if you want excellent and elegant woods or simple wooden matchboarding. In any case, every room of the house is enhanced, including the kitchen and bathroom.

The woodwork, A classic solution always elegant

Any ideas on where to apply it? To frame a fireplace, a niche, a painting or a shelf, to make sense of an all too empty wall, to embellish your home and enrich it with new geometries adding depth and size.

Do you want to focus on a particular mirror or your collection of paintings or photographs? Frame them with panelling for an "art gallery" effect that adds a touch of class to the living area.

Use the panelling to coat the bathroom? It is recommended, focusing mainly on the most classic of wood panelling to give brightness and warmth to this room as well.

The woodwork, A classic solution always elegant

And in the kitchen?
Nothing better than panelling on which to apply the hangings to create visual and chromatic continuity even without filling all space in height.