All-time elegance

When furniture becomes art
All-time elegance

The owners of this charming little villa in the outskirts of Milan, have chosen Arcari non only for their furniture, but also for the lighting design of the kitchen and dining area.

For the kitchen they have chosen Siena, enriched by many tailored solutions and suited to any practical, storage, as well as aesthetic need.

A large, bold, detail-rich kitchen whose constituent elements are carefully designed for tidyness, elegance, and balance of the arrangement.

At the back, the raised cooking area features an induction stove and a wide, single sink on a quartz Calacatta Gold top. The refined hood in Parisienne style is double, to contain a powerful, silent aspirating fan as well as a cupboard.

On the sides, symmetrical solutions to enhance the storage space and enlarge the counter area. The mindful use of height, depth, and glass doors makes for a light visual impact of this big block, that conceals a dishwasher.

Opposite, the kitchen island with a quartz Calacatta Gold top acts as a working surface, and storage space for dishes.

On the long side of the kitchen, the pantry wall is articulated in several units.

The first one from the cooking area has a push-open door, and conceals a large pantry space.

Then, you can find a built-in fridge with freezer, a pantry unit equipped with a service area, basket kit and glass holder, and a second pantry unit containing appliances, an oven and a microwave; the last two units contain a built-in freezer and a wine cellar.

The doors feature different finishes, giving the long wall some visual movement: the two service units doors are decorated with diamond-shaped carvings and a central handle; the two fridge and freezer units feature the classic Siena door, with silver leaf finishing. Finally, the wine cellar door has a central glass panel that opens the view to the bottles inside.

The trait d'union between the dining area and the kitchen is the custom-designed decorative rib, which expresses the refined decorative art and the amazing technical skills of Arcari arredamenti artisans. This brings together, in a consistent, refined unicum, the wall wainscoting and the shelves with the Venetian appliques, also coordinated with the dining table chandelier.

At the base, a Tamigi credence table, matching with the kitchen doors style and colour, offers the perfect support for the polished vase collection and, when needed, for the rich offers of a convivial dinner...

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