A dream agritourism

Nine rooms custom-made furnished
A dream agritourism

The journey is a time that detachment let suspended, intermediate between daily life and elsewhere; a piece of life real in itself, but continuously not determinable, full of desire and temporary like a dream.

And here precisely a dreamy setting is offered to the traveler’s rest, in this farmhouse near Verona.

On the ground floor, according to expectations, the traditional decor of the large common room is aimed at enhancing the surrounding countryside and the genuineness of its products. Wooden ceiling with exposed beams, tables and chairs with essential lines, white porcelain for the pleasures of taste, offered on the large rustic sideboard; even the soft fabric armchairs in the corner living room express calm simplicity.

Going up to the first floor, where there are the guest rooms, the refined, candid sitting room on the landing introduces us to the surprise of the new inspiration that now drives the furniture.

Each room differs from the others both in the name and in its furniture, which is designed on purpose by our architects combining excellent contemporary workmanship with classic forms.

Towering in all places a large and conspicuously comfortable bed, sometimes surmounted by a canopy or embellished by a drapery or, again, enlivened by precious and colourful frames. A dream agritourism

The headboards, which are different and always original, summarize the particular setting suggested through the choice of fabrics and furnishing accessories.

So, in the ground floor 'Chicco d'oro' junior suite, the wrought iron of the bed, associated with the blue and white squared curtains and traditional sconces, clearly evokes the rustic life, while the upper room 'Cantico' combines the shabby chic tones, the wide view of the external countryside and a headboard upholstered in toile de Jouy, absolutely perfect both for the colours and for the scenes of rural life represented in it.

On the first floor, the romantic 'Cupido' chooses to create an atmosphere of intimacy thanks to the canopy and the séparé with white curtains and the large suite 'Orgoglio' stages the dream of pomp, perhaps evoked by the adjoining historic building.

But there are still ‘Romance’ and ‘Sonetto’ - simple and welcoming - or ‘Bon Bon’, ‘Gelosia’ and ‘Novella’, poetic and surprising. In short: nine rooms, nine different atmospheres. One thing is certain: each of them is worth a visit!

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