Dream home

A full-scale project In a historic building
Dream home

An apartment situated in a historic building in Cremona becomes a dream home, thanks to Arcari's architects. A modern home with classic furniture, stylish, bright and welcoming: this was the owner's wish, who after much serching has finally found the right place.

The final, full-scale project is very personalised and extends to nearly every room, going from the choice to the layout of furniture, from elegant finishing to artisanal details. The outcome is a perfectly "new classic" dwelling, where the furniture is characterised by smooth and clean lines with strong modern accents, resulting in a classic, yet contemporary atmosphere.

The centrepiece of the entryway is the white cabinet, bright and neutral-colored to enhance the presence of the antique family piece in dark wood. On display, precious porcelain in white and blue tones.

The living room plays with tones of white; style and comfort are reflected by the custom made brocade sofas.

A touch of class: the TV cabinet, made to measure in wooden, can be opened, and conceals all cables and devices connected to the television.

Walking trough a bright corridor you can reach the dining area, where a glass table pairs well with the beautiful Pienza kitchen.

With its hawthorne color, it fits the space perfectly thanks to the mix of classic lines and modern details such as the bar-style counter or the silver handles. Everything is punctuated with white and blue porcelain, the leitmotiv of the living area. The visual focal point here is the very peculiar extraction fan, that resembles a chandelier, while dishes and vases in white and blue tones are a gret match to the kitchen colors.

On the opposite wall, a big cupboard gracefully conceals the pantry, and displays a small yet precious collection of Caltagirone ceramics. As all Arcari kitchens, this is made to measure and seen into details by our artisans. Therefore, it is not only beautiful, yet also functional, warm and welcoming. The cooking space has every comfort, while the padded stools call for chatting and sharing moments in this cozy kitchen.

The upper floor opts for warmer tones: in both bedrooms gold replaces silver in the finishings, and the furniture gives up the hawthorne tones of the living area for smoother whites such as cream and ecru for the bed linens.

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