Enhance a space

With careful planning and discreet furniture
Enhance a space

In this kitchen built in Gazzuolo, in the province of Mantua, the very doors in antique wood, in which every defect is transformed into merit, already announce a truly unique space; in fact, once opened, we find ourselves in a large, incredibly bright kitchen, with a herringbone tiled floor, masonry niches and beamed ceiling.

Furnishing such a beautiful space is a responsibility: we need to make the most of it and let it continue to be a protagonist, putting everything we need but nothing more.

It is for this reason that a lot of space has been left free and the kitchen block is 'just' an L-shaped element in the corner facing the window while an entire side is assigned exclusively to the glacier, magnificent piece of furniture crowned by a clock in style, which contains fridge and freezer.

The real kitchen is made up of a single block, although with different heights on the Breccia Sarda brushed marble top. It provides numerous rooms that open thanks to fine brass and ceramic handles.

As a wall unit, a single element has been introduced that integrates the beautiful and evocative open plate on the left with the shelves on the right.

Above the very modern induction floor, on the other hand, the masonry hood is magnificent, on which an elegant frieze has been painted; inside it, a powerful built-in motor hood (800 mc / h) that can be controlled remotely: a combination that demonstrates how modernity and tradition do not necessarily clash, if the project is well done.

Between the two, the wall was covered with white tiles just decorated by the brass studs positioned at the interstices, which recall the other brass elements of the kitchen itself.

Traditional in terms of shape and material, however, is the large marble sink, framed by a shaped splash guard and illuminated by spotlights integrated into the plate. The result is an elegant and light composition that blends perfectly with the calm security of this kitchen.

In the centre of the room stands a large work island where the marble top in addition to coordinating with the kitchen allows you to easily cook rich lunches and dinners that will be enjoyed on the dining table surrounded by chairs upholstered in the same fabric as the wall unit curtains.

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