Furnish in style

A villa in Parma. High-end craftsmanship and sophistication
Furnish in style

We are in the Parma countryside, at the gates of the city, in a splendid eighteenth-century house. A close collaboration with the client's personal architect has allowed us to exploit all the craftsmanship of Arcari Arredamenti to recreate an elegant and at the same time functional setting, which creates a continuity of style between the living area and the sleeping area, finding compromises between feel contemporary, practicality and classic taste.

The aim was to create and furnish spaces with furniture that integrates with the environment in which it is placed, enhancing it.

The residence is distributed on two floors, connected by a large staircase: on the ground floor we find the kitchen, bordering the bathroom, and the dining room that communicates directly with the living room. On the upper floor there is the private area, consisting of the master bedroom with its own bathroom.

On both floors there are wonderfully frescoed ceilings while the paving stands out: in Venetian style on the ground floor, on the first floor parquet for the double bedroom and marble in the bathroom.

The Taormina classic line was chosen for the kitchen, the furniture that compose it was distributed along the walls, while the peninsula table comes out slightly and recovers space for a quick breakfast or a lunch for three people.

At the entrance, one in front of the other two pantry walls offer ample storage space without visually weighing down the environment, alternating closed doors with frosted glass doors.

The area in which one cooks is enlivened on the one hand by the play of peninsula table heights, worktop and sink, surmounted by wall units, on the other by induction burners with relative hood, built-in refrigerator and additional storage compartments.

For the entire kitchen, a matt hawthorn-coated finish was chosen, a neutral color that allows it to fit naturally into the classic environment. The horizontal surfaces (worktops and top of the peninsula) are made in the refined natural breccia Sardinian brushed marble, which embellishes and coordinates perfectly with the colors of the floor.

The furnishing is completed by a low corner piece of furniture that - in addition to being a visual counterpart, recovers containment and support space.

Bordering the kitchen, the bathroom. The piece of furniture designed by Arcari Arredamenti is the Pienza model, hemp gloss lacquered finish. A long linear furniture, with a large coordinated mirror.

In the living room a classic Capri model bookcase has been inserted, with hawthorn glossy patinated finish. The color is delicately harmonized with the colors of the frescoes, allowing to insert an important but at the same time light and non-invasive bookcase.

A touch of class, the packaging of curtains, double in each window, and soft colors, which give brightness to the room.

Finally the dining room for which the oval table, the chairs and the table were made showcase and sideboard. Worked with craftsmanship, they are a faithful recovery of details, proportions, finishes (pad with shellac) of ‘700 style furniture. The use of walnut veneer wisely combined with other veneers in different types of wood, up to the fine reproduction of the handles and bronzes true to the authentic made with the technique of casting on the ground have allowed us to recreate an atmosphere that perfectly matches with the architectural basis of the apartment. All completed by the sumptuous curtains, which match the colors of the chairs.

The master bedroom, on the first floor, is furnished with rich details, inlays and gilding. The double bed is in carved wood and decorated by hand, with the padded headboard in capitonné leather and a coordinated bench-bottom bed. The two round bedside tables and the weekly chest of drawers are in carved wood and decorated by hand. Everything is finished, the tilting floor mirror and the coordinated armchair.

The master bathroom is home to a large Capri glossy hawthorn patinated piece of furniture, with a double built-in sink beneath a large framed mirror. The top - in glossy Monaco light marble - coordinates perfectly with the marble of the floor.

Last cameo, the corner next to the staircase, embellished with an inlaid chest of drawers and a pair of antique armchairs, whose velvet upholstery was chosen to match the colors of the environment.

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