A Lombardy farmhouse

Old and new materials for a fascinating villa
A Lombardy farmhouse

Lombardy is a land of farmhouses, peasant dwellings where several families once lived together with their poultry.

Abandoned for a long time, today they live a great moment. Rediscovered thanks to the calm and charm that characterizes them, many of them are the object of interventions with housing purposes. In this case, our farmhouse is owned by the Guarneri family in Vescovato, in the Cremona countryside, and has been modernized and restored purely to be the residence of the owners, with the aim of renovating a place that preserves the family history. The rehabilitation intervention aimed at maintaining and enhancing the existing typological characteristics, starting from the two facades, the one on the outside and the other on the courtyard, with a facing in exposed brick.

The interior has undergone a complete renovation, guided by the intention to recover all the original materials that could lend themselves to living new life. The result is a residence where ancient and modern coexist perfectly. The internal staircase with its sober elegance fully expresses this fusion; fulcrum of the building, it is set on an iron structure with a corten material finish and reuses the ancient stone steps of the existing staircase. It stands out on an exposed brick wall and connects the three levels into which the house is divided: living area on the ground floor, sleeping area on the first floor and an attic on the second.

Even the terracotta floors, originating from the dwelling, have been recovered and used for the rooms on the ground floor and receive value from the contrast with the wooden ceilings, with a white paint finish.

In the living room heated by the hearth of a stone fireplace, a modern white and ample upholstered sofa dialogues with an iron and antiqued wood table.

The kitchen, the place par excellence where life took place in the old farmhouses, has kept the flavor of the past thanks to the wise recovery of materials. Which Arcari line could have been better coordinated with this simple and elegant environment if not the Pienza line? The choice fell on the glossy white milk brushed variant, with tops in natural pierre bleue marble.

The kitchen has been structured with a central island with a table in support. Low furniture prevails, also given the full availability of space that does not require the use of wall units. The only "hanging" pieces of furniture are a display cabinet, which not only does not weigh down but also dresses up the wall on which it stands, and two shelves framed by white wood panelling, with an exclusively aesthetic function.

In addition to performing its function, the hood is also a critical furnishing element. The natural pierre bleue marble that was chosen for the top gives visual solidity to the whole and coordinates with the furnishing fabric of the upholstered chairs.

It is the refinement of details that completes the harmony of the proposal, and it shows in the handles, in the feet of the block with the burners, in the punched profile of the hood.

On the first floor, we find the sleeping area. Here materials and colours change: the levels consist of a wooden plank in honey tones, the same that characterise the wood of the ceilings. The bed in the master bedroom is in wrought iron, and a wooden bedside table accompanies it with a habillé table in the same fabric as the curtains. An armchair with a puff completes the furnishing, together with a beautiful rug at the foot of the bed and the luxurious curtains on the windows.

In the master bathroom is still the harmonious coexistence between old and new to create a welcoming and original environment: the sink with clean lines rests on a floor made from an ancient skilfully restored agricultural tool, in the room a large free-standing bathtub and a niche with multi-function shower create a small home SPA.

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