The Russia House

Kitchen and dining room in a Moscow apartment
The Russia House

Russians who love luxury and beautiful things do not look to Italy just for fashion and leather goods: they are well aware that also in interior design and the furniture field - as in this case - few in the world can boast the quality Italian small craft industries can offer.

For this reason, the architect of this elegant Moscow apartment has chosen Arcari Arredamenti to furnish the kitchen in sight of the living area. For its style, for its quality, for the advice and personalization it provides to each project

The kitchen also had to include the dining room. Moreover - being exposed to the living room, it was essential to maintain the same, high level of order and style. So, it was necessary that everything had a place inside cupboards and pantry columns, leaving just a few and carefully selected objects in sight. Nothing unusual, the only risk was to suffocate the environment, even if a wide window on one side illuminated it abundantly.

The solution was to alternate closed wall units with wall units with glass doors, the creation of a support niche and the use of light colours.

Although very orderly, it is not just a representative kitchen, which is ideally suited to placing finger food on a serving dish: two ovens demonstrate this, the electric one and the microwave that match the coffee machine and the large marble worktop.

The chosen colours, a delicate light aviator blue combined with cream, recall the colours of the tiles behind the induction hob, which are also taken on the upholstery of the chairs.

The extendable table with a solid central base can comfortably accommodate up to eight people once opened.

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