A transformation

Demolition, project, realization of a kitchen in a Parma villa
A transformation

Arcari Arredamenti does not limit itself to producing kitchens but offers a complete service from the design to the assembly, including if necessary also the masonry, demolition and reconstruction works. In this case, the owners of a villa in the province of Parma wished to renew, or rather precisely, redo their kitchen from scratch. The primary requirement was to make the kitchen airier and more integrated with the rest of the house. Besides, it was also necessary to have a higher capacity, since the owner loved to cook a lot, and she had many tools that were difficult to keep in order without having enough drawers or lockers.

In the first place, the architects of Arcari Arredamenti have surveyed the existing space, to have precise measurements and above all to verify the feasibility of the hypothesised demolitions.

The model chosen was Positano British, very suitable for a country villa. Once the picture of the state of affairs was clear, the firm proceeded with the design of the kitchen: a complete U-shaped composition was envisaged, with glass doors on the left wall, and a closed wall unit and a shelf on the central wall. The stoves, previously positioned in one corner, have been moved to the central part of the right wall.

At project approval, demolition and reconstruction work started.

The demolition involved the entire existing kitchen and the hood above the fires - made entirely of masonry - in addition to the wall in front of the window and the passage from the kitchen to the living room, in order to fully open the environment, the corridor included, and recover space for a lunch or breakfast counter.

Subsequently, two small plasterboard walls were built, the first to close the left side of the kitchen, the second to act as a 'shoulder' to the counter placed along the corridor.

At the same time a false ceiling was created with spotlights, arranged both along the counter and the entrance and above what previously was the corridor. On the floor, the steps between one room and another, first covered by a wall, have been solved with a mosaic.

During the demolition work, the kitchen was built and pre-assembled in carpentry to make quick and precise the assembly work on site.

The result is a totally renovated space, optimised in the area dedicated to food preparation and more open in the eating area.

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