Two hearts and… an attic

Retrieving a space through color and custom furniture
Two hearts and… an attic

A small place to live together is lovers’ first dream... Many start this way their lives together, and some do not change their dream: instead, they change the internal environment, adapting it to their tastes. Like the owners of this accommodation in Brescia, who have cleverly made a jewel of an attic.

The decision to furnish entirely with custom-made furniture allowed them to take advantage of every inch of even the most cramped corners; in the bedroom, the bed is inserted in a shallow niche and the bedside table is made in the side unit.

In the kitchen, the vertical space is exploited to the maximum, with pantries and with coordinated shelves on the lower walls.

The whole apartment is characterized by variations on white walls and furniture, a monochromia that simultaneously fulfills various purposes: on the one hand, it captures and multiplies light everywhere, on the other it allows space be perceived in a unitary way so that the passage between areas of different use is fluid and natural. The need for order is, moreover, better met when the differences in the functional typology are accompanied by further stylistic indications, bringing differentiation. That's why here the white of the environment is specified with modulations of the color of the furnishings, going from the pure color in the kitchen to the very light or slightly darker cream that softens the premises.

Elegance lies in the overall effect, which includes many enriching details: the bunches of grapes that decorate the sink in marble, the rich squares of the fireplaces, the spotlights, the moldings, and pilasters.

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